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Electric Towel Warmers

Provide your home with the heat it needs in style today

Be warm in style with our electric towel warmers and electric heated towel rails available online at discount prices. An electric towel warmer is the ideal solution where central heating is not installed or it is not possible to extend the wet central heating system into the bathroom, en-suite shower room. Electric towel rails are also suitable for use in kitchens.

Electric towel warmersWe have a range of top quality electric towel warmers and electrically heated towel rails provided by major manufacturers from such as Aeon, Aestus, The Radiator Company, Apollo and DQ.

Whether you require an electric towel warmer for your bathroom or kitchen they are available in chrome white and gold finishes and some of our electric towel warmers are available in RAL colours. We also have many top quality stainless steel electric towel warmers available in brushed and polished stainless steel in various shapes and sizes. We also have a range of traditional electric towel rails in a number of styles including one with a column radiator fitted. Get rid of that tired old radiator, enhance your bathroom with one of our many bathroom electric towel warmers which will add warmth, comfort and style to your home.

The most popular type of electric towel warmer is the ladder style. We have ladder style electric towel rails which are curved or flat, straight, and traditional electrically heated towel rails in various styles including some with a column radiator for added heat output, heated towel rail radiators. There are also rail style electric bathroom radiators such as the Acova Yucca.

Electric towel warmers are available with a range of electric heating element sizes which vary dependant on the size of the electric towel rail. The largest electric heating element is 1000 Watts. Chrome electric towel warmers and towel rails often have a smaller electric element in them than the equivalent sized white or painted towel warmers. This is because chrome allows about 20% less heat output than white or colours.

As a result of enquiries from our customers, we have put together a range of slim radiators and this includes small electric heated towel rails. These are suitable for small narrow spaces and therefore, ideal for the smaller bathroom. The Myson Petite, as its name suggests, is very small and ideal for the small cloakroom.

Electrically heated towel warmers are normally filled with a liquid so that they work and heat up in a similar way to a normal central heating type towel warmer. Some electric elements are thermostatically controlled with an adjuster which allow you to select the appropriate temperature. Others have a pre-set thermostat which has no control for the user. Some electric towel warmers are available with sophisticated controls.

On some of our electric towel warmers it is possible to select which side the electrical connection is, left or right.

Electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician and there are specific electrical safety requirements regarding the installation of electrical equipment, and central heating radiators in bathrooms and shower rooms.

Please ensure that the electric towel warmer you purchase is suitable for your particular situation and installed by a qualified electrician.


We have a large selection of designer radiators, towel warmers, heated towel rails available online but are unable to show everything available. If there is something you particularly require or cannot find it on our website please contact us for assistance.