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Customer Emails

These are a few of the emails we have received from our customers over the years.

Hi Keith As usual, the speed with which you do things is most impressive! Have received e-mail from WorldPay. As I have already said, please feel free to use my name when recommending your company, I have been most impressed with your service. Thanks for everything. Judi Taylor

Hi Keith
Just to let you know that the radiator was delivered and today my plumber fitted it. Although the sun is shining and it is quite warm enough we have tested it and it appears to be working.
Therefore the faulty one can be collected from my house. I have kept the box that this one came in and placed it in there. I look forward to hearing from you as to when it will be uplifted. I work part-time so will need to arrange a suitable time.
I must tell you that my plumber is very impressed with the radiator. Both he and I realise that it was just bad luck, such a small fault with the first. He has a client that has paid more than double for a similar one and my plumber says that it is not of the same quality, and the paint job on it is no where near as good. So I am extremely happy with the look of it and although it may have taken a time for it to be up and working and I very happy with the level of customer service you have shown me, as I know the fault was nothing to do with you. In particular I would like to commend you on the speed with which you have always answered any queries I have had. I am certainly happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new radiator.
Look forward to hearing from you re collection.
Regards Judi Taylor
"Hi Peter. The radiator arrived safely yesterday. It looks fab! Thanks for your assistance and regular updates.
Sioux McE"
Many thanks for your fast and efficient service. If I ever need another radiator you would definitely be my first choice for range, price and service.
Hi Peter,
Thanks for all the info passed to me yesterday and for the prompt response to my order. Can you arrange delivery for this Friday, 22nd.
Many Thanks
Best Wishes
Hi Keith
That's Fine
Its been a pleasure doing business with you
Hi Keith,
Sorry, tracked it down, turns out another one of my neighbours signed for it, the shipper delivered the two of them separately for some reason.
I'd just like to thank you for your overall great value and excellent customer service, I'd happily recommend you to anyone looking for heating/bathroom products and I'll certainly use Cosy Rooms again (feel free to add this to your testimonials page if you wish).
Best regards,
Thank you, Keith
The radiator arrived before 7:30 this morning (I was still in bed!!!). Very impressive and efficient.
As my wife was at the leisure centre, swimming, I placed the radiator against the wall (opposite the bathroom door where it will be fixed) for her to see upon returning. She was very surprised to see it but also very pleased with the appearance. Like her, I am totally happy with the product (IMA MO Piano) - it does look good and fits the space. (As it was replacing an existing radiator under the window it needed to be wide rather than tall, and this one was the right dimensions for our space.)
Thank you again, Brian
Hi Keith,
Just to that my radiator arrived bang on time last week, is now installed, and is working beautifully. I cannot thank you enough for your great service, the builder was so impressed with it, he has asked me for your company details! Many thanks again for all your help
Best regards
Hi Keith,
Thanks again for coming back so quickly. I did not expect a response until next week, given it was after working hours tonight when I e mailed you. Can I opt for the 6 section please? I will phone you tomorrow to make sure this ok, as its after 10.00 now, and I am sure you need some peace! Once again, thanks so much for your excellent service, its much appreciated.
Best regards Ann (Mc)
Hi Keith,
Thankyou very much for the brilliant service you have provided me. You have been efficient, friendly and honest, things that are very hard to find in people/businesses these days. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you, I will definately recommend you to anyone who needs the products you offer and look forward to business again.
Once again, thankyou.
Hi there Keith,
Although a bit belated, I really wanted to thank you with your help regarding our order. We have only just recently had them installed and they look fantastic.
Many thanks again,
Kind Regards
Hi Keith
Thank you so much for your prompt response and action with our initial enquiry and subsequent order, if only all our DIY shopping had been this easy!!
Thank you once again, we shall certainly be recommending your services as I am sure we shall have more than a few comments on the radiator.
Hi Keith,
What service - radiator is being fitted as I write this.
Will know where to come to should I require any further rads.
Many Thanks
Thank you so much! You are a star. My mum is going to buy the radiator for me, so I will ask her to order it online before 1pm. It will be in the name of ..........
Thanks again for your wonderful customer service and it looks like a great radiator. Cannot wait to get it installed! I will certainly be recommending you to friends.
Best wishes,
Hello Keith,
I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and wonderful (Aeon) radiator. I had lots of problems trying to get the same thing from .......... - their customer service was appalling!
I am so glad I found you instead!!!
Will certainly recommend you to friends.
Many thanks again!
Diane D..
Hi Keith,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and great service. The radiators and the valves arrived as arranged, and they look great, like last time.
Mrs Ba...
Keith - you are a star - I really really appreciate this.
Best wishes
Dear Keith,
Just wanted to let you know that the fire arrived first thing on Wednesday morning, as promised. We are very happy with our purchase but even more impressed with the standard of service that you provide for your customers. I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends and colleagues.
Many thanks for all your help.
Viv B
Thats great...thank you so much for being extremely efficient and helpful.
We will definitely use your website again and recommend you to everyone we know!
Many thanks and have a great weekend
Thanks to your swift work our radiator arrived on Friday just as the plumber arrived to install it.
Bev, Max , Archie and Scarlet.
Many thanks for your super customer service
Hello Keith,
Just wanted to say that the radiator arrived at 8:30 this morning! Thank you again for all your help.
Hi Keith,
Thanks for your help and swift response.
Kind regards
Dear Keith,
Thanks for arranging that! I surely cannot need any more Metlex Athens!
I would like to say how impressed I have been with your service - very efficient.
Hi Keith
Blimey! that was quick. I will be available tomorrow and Monday.
Thank you for your prompt delivery this morning, this was as much as a surprise for such quick service as needed to enable us to finish our project,
Thank you once again
Alan B
Indeed our radiator nearly arrived, unfortunately our builder had to leave the house unexpectedly and missed the delivery. Tuesday and Thursday are good days this week.
Thanks for all your help and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Thanks for organising the redelivery - it was actually delivered yesterday and everything was fine.
Thanks again and regards,
Hello Keith,
Thanks for the email and also for the phone call. Delivery on 15 July am is fine by us - my contractors will be on site.
I am actually in the process of replacing 2 Bathrooms - ... I am also replacing an en suite which needs, possibly, a smaller rad/towel warmer. Have you anything "on offer" ...that might fit the bill and could be delivered at the same time?
Thats excellent- thank you!

The work on my bathroom begins Monday so its great timing!

Hi Keith,
The radiators can be despatched asap. preferably for delivery pm next Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thanks for your quick and helpfull service.
Steve W
Radiator arrived 1st thing this morning, just before the plumber. All installed & working really well.
Will keep your site in mind when looking for other radiators, as the rest of ours look rather shabby in comparison!

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