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More Information about out bathroom Radiators

Be warm in style with our bathroom radiators, towel warmers and towel rails available online at discount prices. Coloured bathroom radiators are available and many can be fitted with an electric heater element for use when the central heating is off. We have a large range of top quality bathroom radiators provided by major manufacturers such as Aeon, Aestus, The Radiator Company and Apollo.
Get rid of that tired old radiator, enhance your bathroom with one of these many designer bathroom radiators. Add warmth, comfort and style to your home with these bathroom radiators, towel warmers and heated towel rails at discount prices.

Bathroom radiatorsPopular types of bathroom radiators are the ones which combine a radiator with a heated towel rail. The modern ones come with a standard type radiator or in some cases tubular sections. There are traditional towel rail styles which have a column radiator with a very respectable heat output.

Many top quality stainless steel bathroom radiators and towel warmers are available. Bathroom radiators are available in many styles including Ladder Style, Flat, Traditional and there are also some unusual shapes. We have some stainless steel ladder type bathroom radiators from Raptor which are something different. Some of the bathroom radiators from Aeon are particularly stylish and unusual but extremely practical.

If you only have a small space for your bathroom radiator take a look at our "Slim Range" where you will find stylish radiators less than 400mm wide. As a result of enquiries from our customers, we have put together a range of slim radiators. These are suitable for small narrow spaces and therefore, ideal for the smaller bathroom.

Our central heating heated towel rails comply with UK & EU Legislation EN442. This requires tests to determine a standard heat output for each heated towel rail which enables direct comparison of the outputs of the various types of bathroom radiators. Chrome radiators provide about 20% less heat output than white or colours.

Bathroom radiators are most often made of steel, which means they are only suitable for installation on 'closed' circuit central heating systems where the system is filled with water and the water does not change unless the system is drained. If it is required to fix a radiator or towel rail on a system where the water is changed regularly, such as a domestic hot water circuit, which is called an 'open' circuit, different materials are needed for manufacture, such materials are brass or stainless steel.

Connections on bathroom radiators are normally either at the sides or vertically from the bottom. Where they are vertically from the bottom straight or angled valves can be used. If the pipes are to come up from the floor, straight valves will be required. If the pipes are to come from the wall into the radiator angle valves will be needed. Where the connections are at the side then irrespective of how the pipes enter the bathroom radiator angle valves are normally used.

We can also provide a range of stylish radiator valves in chrome, gold and white to suit particular bathroom radiator styles. Thermostatic valves are also available. All valves are available in straight and angle pattern and come in pairs. Connections on central heating radiators are normally 1/2" BSP but there are some 3/4" on traditional heated towel rails. Most radiator valves are 1/2" BSP but special traditional style valves are available in 3/4".
We also have a large selection of electrically heated bathroom radiators. These electric radiators come in many of the same styles as the central heating models and can also be stainless steel, white, gold and colours.

We have a large selection of designer radiators, towel warmers, heated towel rails available online but are unable to show everything available. If there is something you particularly require or cannot find it on our website please contact us for assistance.